Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I feel as though its time to minimize. I'm not exactly sure what that means yet, haha, but I am sure that I soon will find out. All I know is I feel like I am too caught up in the world and in order to maximize the more important things in my life, I must minimize the less important things. Once I get better words for all of this, I will expand on the matter.
Oh, cross country season is back. I like cross country for a couple of reasons. One being, it teaches me not to complain. You may be thinking wouldn't it be the opposite?? But no, no, no no, its like this: I am in a situation where everyone around me is feeling the same pain and complaining about it isn't going to solve the issue, you just have to stick through it. Well, for me, it may not be the same pain because of these faulty lungs that I have been issued, but still, we are all hurting, in different ways. Next, I like that it keeps me from becoming even lazier then I already am. If I weren't doing cross country I would definetly give the sloths a run for their money. Eh, I don't feel much like typing anymore. So yeah I will expand on the above matter on a later day.

Monday, July 30, 2007

I am finally going to do it. For real.

So I have tried before to create a blog and I failed. But this time I am determined to not fail. And to post things. Things of interest.

For instance, I was talking about native americans with a friend who happens to love them. And we came to the conclusion that they are smart. They know that we can't own land and they look at us like we are foolish, and we are. Seriously though, how does one purchase the earth and call it their own, then fence it up and keep others out...